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How Las Vegas Came To Be The World’s Most Popular Gambling Destination

Las Vegas: How a City Among the Desert Become the World Gambling Capital It used to be that when someone mentioned Las Vegas, the image that came to mind was of gambling, rowdy bingo halls and a plethora of strip clubs. However, with the passing years Las Vegas has transformed from a small dusty town into the gambling capital of the world. The hotels, casinos and entertainment venues have grown exponentially while the overall infrastructure has also improved significantly. In fact, the infrastructure of Las Vegas is so advanced that they are now able to host major international events such as the Formula 1 car championship, which will this year take place in Las Vegas. Not only does this increase the number of visitors to this all important city, but it also increases the revenue generated by the gambling industry in the state.

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Now let’s take a look at how Las Vegas came to be the gambling capital of the world. There are two main contributing factors that made Las Vegas the gambling capital of the world. First off, over the past few years there has been a realignment of the political and business establishments in Las Vegas. The more stable and reputable businesses were quickly replaced by the gambling industry, which quickly gained control and influence over the Las Vegas Sands Corp. This was especially true when casino owner/operators George Soros and his partners invested a large amount of money into the arena and then sold it for a huge profit. This led to a chain reaction of other entrepreneurs jumping into the Vegas Sands Corp.’s profitable arena. As time went on other companies such as AT&T and United States Bankruptcy Inc. joined the crowd and the casino industry began to boom.

Another factor that catapulted Las Vegas to the title of the gambling capital of the world was the success of Venetian Casino and Hotel and Casino Palace. This establishment re-designed the entire Las Vegas Strip with some of the finest hotels and casinos ever built. It is no wonder that when the “People’s Republic of China” came to Las Vegas, they immediately purchased a piece of land that would become the Venetian Casino and Hotel and Casino Palace. No matter how you look at it there is no denying that the rise of Las Vegas and its place in the world of gambling has been one of the most spectacular events in the history of the human species.

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